Who We Are

Welcome to the Historical Society in Campbell County.

Our purpose is to preserve the Campbell County Courthouse as an historical museum for the enjoyment and enrichment of citizens and visitors to the area.

Pictured Left: Thanks to the support from the County and the community, our courtroom has never looked better. Around mid-April we were happy to see the dust settled and know our courtroom is back to its’ original glory.

Pictured Right: Remnants of the scaffolding and sheets used to allow the courtroom to shine. Our Jury’s chairs still retain their splendor and green seats even with years passed.

Pictured Left: The topmost windows in some of our exhibit areas, with a peek from our glorious pine tree shading the right lawn.

Pictured Right: Vice President Nina Thomas gives a heartwarming speech about the trials and time it took for our Courthouse to reach new heights, both past and presently.

We are delighted to gain new members and see new faces at our events, contact us at cchsva@gmail.com or visit our facebook here.